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Roofing Clearwater Testimonials

tile roof replacement

Mr. Chris Hloska
American Professional Roofing, Inc.
17018 Ongar Ct.
Land O Lakes, FL 34638

Dear Chris,

I would like to say thanks to American Professionals Roofing. I am thankful to you for being professional and yet hassle free. My new roof at Idlewild Avenue is just looking great. I appreciate the level of service you provided me. It is easy to see how your company is able to maintain its stellar reputation all these years.

The quick quote which you provided me after listening to my requirements gave a glance of how effective your service can be and I was right about your service. You are among the best contractors I have ever encountered and I am happy to meet you people.
I would be soon calling you guys again for soffits and fascia work along with some gutter job.
I highly recommend you to everyone. You guys know what you are doing and your professional manner of working without any problem for me was great to see.

Sincerely yours,

Karen Flores

church roof repair

To: American Professional Roofing

I completely agree with the fact that roofing projects are dangerous, difficult and messy. American Professional Roofing recently repaired roof at my house near St. Petersburg. This company has a can-do attitude and complete attention on the task which I liked very much. Their after work cleanliness and humbleness of the crew is worth appreciation. Our area is hurricane prone, but with these guys I am free of any worries now. Good Job Guys. Your field Superintendent is a good guy. He gave me all the information and maintained the communication channel till the end of the project. All your employees are polite and took all the safety precautions that were important. To describe your employees in brief, they are quick and efficient. Thanks a lot for repairing my roof so quickly

Luke Shrader

Christopher,roofing Clearwater

I am not a guy who praises anyone and everyone for their work as their work is not worth doing so. But this time, I must say that you guys won my heart. I am glad that my boss recommended me your company as he is a loyal customer of American professional Roofing. The superintendent was a very helpful and easy to talk with kind of guy. Two days ago I inspected my roof and was happy to see no leak or break in the tiles.
Thank you George and Henry for keeping my home clean as soon as your work was done. My roof is looking beautiful and I know it will be for many years to come.
Please forward this letter to the Superintendent who was in-charge of my home project. He is a great guy.


Marjorie Brandt/90 years old

Recently I called up your office to get my roof tear off and replaced by a new oneflat repair am a bit skeptical when it comes to try new contractors. I got few recommendations from people I know about your company but then also I researched a bit about your company. Your employees are just too good. Warren is the man who changed my perception about contractors. He completed all the formalities related to permissions and sent me the papers on time. What I love the most is that your work started on time and your employees did not delayed as other company’s did in the past with me. The tearing work was completed on time and shingles arrived in the afternoon.
Next day the shingle crew arrived and started their work. The whole site was clean and tidy at the end of the day. I can’t bear dirtiness and untidiness but I am happy I did not experience anything of this kind with you guys.
On inspection I pointed out to Warren some mistakes and got it fixed the very next day. My house is looking beautiful and I am glad that I got more than what I paid for.
Please share this letter with your employees who worked at my house. You have experienced and polite employees and you should be proud of them.

Thank you so much again!

Michelle Spring

Roofing Clearwater Clients daily

George and Henry you guys are simply the best. I have never seen quality so high and on time. I thank you American Professionals Roofing for your roof replacement service. My roof is new and beautiful adding beauty to my whole office.
To be more clear and precise my office is in St. Petersburg which is known for heavy rain. To make it more complex my office is surrounded by tress and regular traffic cannot be avoided. With all these trouble and hassle in this project American Professional Roofing took the project and completed it within the time decided.
All the permit and paperwork was done on time and the project started on the specified date. Your workers are really fast and quick to do all the tearing part on the very first day.
I would highly recommend you guys to anyone who is looking for any roofing related services. Now I face no leaks and no broken tiles.Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Hot smile
Mario Rockwood


I am really pleased with the quality of work your entire staff did on our roof. Thank you so much for your exceptional work. I made sure to take my time in evaluating all of the bids we got and I am so happy I picked your company and team. Please be sure I will highly recommend you guys to everybody wanting quality work. Thanks gain to you and your staff. You made this an easy task.


Debra & Mark Leiberick

Roofing Clearwater testimonial from Shari Morrison.


We Only Care About Roofing Clearwater the Right Way

As you can see, we dont just do this for the money. Roofing repair Clearwater is truly meaningful to us. We want to provide quality roof repair thats leagues above our competitors on metal roof repair, flat roof repair, and other services for the best prices. Clearwater has helped us out over our 30 years in the area and we want to help her out! Grab the free estimate for roofing Clearwater today.

We do parks, churches, businesses of all kinds and residential- you name it, weve roofed it!



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